waverley yoga studio

Antenatal yoga

Breathing, postures, relaxation and meditation techniques help you to handle the whole process of pregnancy, birth and afterwards with greater assurance and calm.

Antenatal classes, held on Monday and Wednesday mornings, are a great way to learn how to move your body in a safe, gentle and stress free way to help you prepare for the birth and afterwards. Even if you have never done yoga before you will find that practicing the simplest poses improves your fitness and wellbeing. If you have done yoga before, learn which poses you can perform safely and which ones to modify.

These classes offer a balanced selection of poses, as well as meditation and relaxation. There is emphasis on working at your own level and honouring and supporting the pregnant body. Relaxation and meditation are great practices to call on during labour and the early days with your new baby.

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If you are pregnant and can't make the antenatal class, you are welcome to join in with the regular classes - there will be plenty of guidance regarding which poses to modify as necessary.