waverley yoga studio

The benefits of yoga

The combination of physical movement, relaxation and meditation has many benefits!

Yoga means Union. The practices stretch, tone and energise your body and help focus the mind, allowing a greater capacity for health and wellbeing and true happiness and freedom in daily life.

Yoga postures build strength and flexibility, massage internal organs and glands encouraging optimal function, stimulate the circulation, encourage full deep respiration, help to optimise the nervous system, and energise the body, no matter what shape it may be in.

Relaxation and meditation help you to calm the mind and experience inner peace, which is very helpful for managing the stresses we have in our life. Increased awareness of body and mind, combined with some of the other yogic practices such as meditation, help us to see that we can experience union or oneness with the universe - a state of pure conscious aware being.

The poses are explained clearly and you are encouraged to notice your body and feel the work you are doing. Yoga is about coming more observant and in tune with one's own body and it is important to listen to your body and work in a steady and easeful way - nothing should be forced! Flexibility, strength, and the experience of health and wholeness increase gradually as a consequence. This union of small individual self with the larger consciousness of the universe already exists, but our usual habit is that we don't notice it, and so our yoga practices help us to really experience that union.

Beginners Yoga course

An 8 week course suitable for total beginners, or those coming back to yoga and wanting to go gently.

The course is a structured introduction to the theory (just a tiny bit) and practice of classical yoga, and includes deep relaxation, warming up of the joints and muscles, a little about breathing, yoga postures with each person working at their own level, and an introduction to meditation.

See the class schedule here.

Comments from the classes

I have been coming to Sally's yoga classes since 2002. Sally is an extremely competent yoga teacher and I have benefited greatly from practising yoga. Sally always makes class members welcome and the classes are taught in a friendly and caring way. She has the depth of knowledge to be able to tailor the physical practice to the individual needs. In addition to the physical practice, she places a healthy emphasis on aspects of yoga to do with the mind and meditation, and how to approach yoga as a whole of life philosophy. I would recommend yoga classes at Waverley Yoga to anyone who is interested in gaining benefits from yoga.

Jamie Chamberlain

Since starting yoga - with the Beginners course - at Waverley Yoga  Studio nearly three years ago,  I have become an avid fan. I took up Yoga  to hopefully help with a troublesome back and with regular weekly practice I find I no longer have any issues with my back. Yoga is fabulous for keeping one stretched and flexible plus strengthening all the muscles.  I have also found the relaxation and meditation side of yoga to be beneficial as well. When feeling bombarded with every day life you realize you can make your mind calm down and then things seem not so bad.  One of the best parts of every class is the practise of Shavasana or Corpse pose at the start. After a busy day it is perfect to lie down, relax and just "BE".


I felt awesome after the first class!

I cope better. My family says I'm a nicer person after I've been to yoga!

Not only am I more flexible, but my body feels stronger and leaner and my mind is calmer.

I have a bad back but it feels so much better if I keep doing yoga.