Meditation teachers in Ganeshpuri
I am very grateful that my spiritual teacher Swami Shantananda, affectionately known as Mataji, has written a guest post for us about Karma. Here’s what she has to say: How often do you hear someone say, “His karma will catch up with him”, or, “It is bad karma to do […]

Guest post from Mataji – Karma is not vengeful

This is Part 3 of a 3-part series on Mindfulness Read part 1: Read part 2: If you have been reading this series you will have become aware that being mindful is becoming aware of the sensations of the moment. For me, this attitude of attention and awareness […]

Mindfulness: getting a bit more subtle – part 3 of ...

Yoga in Mount Waverley
The word Yoga means Union, or Unitary Consciousness. Yogis recognize that we are all expressions of the one unitary consciousness. This is a non-dualist view.(as distinct from the view that God or Self is separate, which is a dualist view). Shiva is one of the representations of the one universal […]

Why are there pictures of Hindu deities on the wall ...