Renew and Restore Yoga


This restorative class is gentle and nurturing, and as well as gently warming and moving the joints and muscles of the body, also focuses on breathing practices and offers a longer meditation than our other classes. Yoga poses will be held for longer to allow the body to gradually respond and renew.

This class also includes discussion about various aspects of wellbeing and yoga philosophy.

Who should come to the Renew & Restore yoga class?

This class is especially suited to anyone who

  •     is feeling stressed
  •     is recovering from illness or injury
  •     is undergoing treatment for cancer
  •     is wanting to restore good health
  •     suffers chronic pain
  •     wants a gentle yoga class
  •     has mobility problems (provided you can make your way up a flight of stairs)
  •     is feeling ‘run down’ or wants to help prevent getting that way
  •     is getting a bit older … and feeling it!

What do we do in the Renew & Restore yoga class?

The 90 minute class starts in a similar way to our other classes with a 20 minute shavasana (deep relaxation and letting go) and about 40 minutes of gentle joint-freeing work and yoga postures. (There are no dynamic postures and no standing salutes to the sun.)

 We will then do about 20 minutes of breathing practices and meditation, finishing with a discussion on various aspects of health and wellbeing.

 See current class schedule.

Comments from the class

For the past nine months I have been on a journey with cancer. During this period friends suggested that I try the Renew and Restore classes to help ease the pain. 

I started coming to the classes about 4 months ago and they are now a highlight of my week. I usually arrive in pain, sometimes wondering whether or not I can get through the class and then not more than 15 minutes into the session I can actually feel the pain draining away. By the end of the meditation period I am not only pain free but also in a calmer, happier state of mind. The classes have encouraged me to incorporate meditation into my lifestyle.

 Thank you to Waverley Yoga Studio for the wonderful Renew and Restore Yoga classes and a special thanks to Mary for her kind and gentle instruction.

  Jenny Philpott