Yoga Workshops for Students

If you are a Yoga student you can add to your exploration of practice with these workshops. If you are a teacher there are Professional Development Workshops here.


Sound Healing Vinyasa 

Date: TBA

Vinyasa is a continuous flow of dynamic asana synchronised with the power of breath. Combined with conscious awareness of the present moment, the practice becomes a moving meditation. This energetic practice cultivates strength, flexibility, balance, focus and endurance.

This workshop also includes an exquisite sound healing experience that will guide you into the alpha and theta brain wave frequencies that induce a deep meditative and peaceful state, improving clarity of mind and increasing intuition 

Fee: $35. Bookings required

Breathing Workshop

Saturday August 1, 2 – 5pm

Pranayama is the ancient science of yogic breath awareness. Learning simple breathing techniques sustains energy, relieves stress and calms the mind.

You will Learn:

  •  What happens when we breathe?
  • The natural breath
  • How NOT to breathe
  • Stress and the breath
  • Yoga practices to support breathing
  • How to integrate breath into your yoga practice
  • How breath changes with the thoughts, and how we can use the breath to change the way we are thinking
  • Breathing practices for different goals
  • Breathing to assist Meditation

For more information download the pdf here.


‘Soothe Your Soul’ Yin Yoga Workshop

Date TBA

You will be guided with meditation and breath work as well as mindfulness practices that complement the postures.

You are sure to come away feeling rejuvenated. This workshop is a must for those needing to find themselves again, release tension, and/or increase vitality. It is also perfect if you wish to increase your flexibility, or need a more grounded practice to compliment your more active Yoga. It is suitable for beginners to the more seasoned yogi.

Facilitator: Vanessa Hollo

In this 3 hour workshop we will be exploring the practice and theory behind Yin Yoga

Fee: $55. Bookings required


Supported Restorative Yoga

A workshop of blissful supportive Yoga where you are put into a deeply relaxing series of poses.

10am to 12.00pm

  • Saturday 7th March 2015
  • Saturday 26th June 2015
  • Saturday 29th August 2015
  • Saturday 7th November 2015.

For more information download the pdf here.