Parent and Baby Yoga


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Meet other parents with babies (up to 12 months) and practise some yoga together in a nurturing and stress free way at the parent and baby classes. 

Yoga postures are adapted to soothe and support a baby’s body with the help of the parent’s loving touch. During the class the baby is mostly lying on their back, their tummy or in their parent’s arms. 

Parents have a bonding time with baby as well as practising some yoga, breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques for themselves.

Benefits for baby can include

  • Colic Relief
  • Improved digestion
  • Neuromuscular development
  • Improved self awareness
  • Improved immunity
  • Better sleep

Benefits for parent can include

  • Increased parenting confidence
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Strengthened and toned muscles
  • Increased flexibility
  • Promotes intuitive parenting
  • Socialising with other parents

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Workshop for Yoga teachers and trainees for teaching Mother and Baby Yoga details here

 Comments about the class

I have been attending Waverley Yoga Studio for almost 10 years now, and I go once a week without fail. The class timetable is more flexible, extensive and user friendly than other studios – with so many classes to choose from (day/night, & 7 days a week) you can always find one that you can make it to, and you are not held down to the same class time each week. I have utilised the mother and baby classes, restore and renew classes, learn to meditate classes and gentler and stronger classes as my personal needs have changed over the years.

The mother and baby classes are particularly unique, Sally has held my crying babies during the class, to give me a some relief and a chance to get some yoga practice in, including waiting with my sleeping baby at the end of the class, while I ran across the road to get some milk and bread from the supermarket! Could you ask for anything more?!

The fees are very reasonable and the best value in the area, and haven’t increased unnecessarily over the years. Sally and the teachers always cater for your individual needs during classes, and they feel more like friends than instructors.

 Natalie Faulkner