Yoga Workshops and Courses

UPCOMING Workshops for 2022:

Supported Restorative Yoga


Relaxed Yogi!

     May 7th, 2022: 10am-12pm

     July 9th, 2022: 10am-12pm

     September 24th, 2022: 10am-12pm

      November 26th, 2022: 10am-12pm

A workshop of blissful supportive Yoga where you are put into a deeply relaxing series of poses. In each pose you are fully supported with props (blankets, bolsters cushions etc) so that you can completely settle in and let go. This is a deeply releasing and healing experience. It is a perfect counter to more dynamic Yoga and is our best workshop for deep meditative restoring and healing. Suitable for anyone who wants some down time to count daily busyness.

Beautiful Breath

Saturday July 2nd, 2022: 1pm – 3pm

Have you ever noticed your breath?  Perhaps when it is fast, when you are puffing, or slow, when you are nearly asleep.  What is your natural breath?  Can you use your breath to relieve stress? Or to sustain energy?

Yes!  This workshop will give you a better understanding of how the breath can affect your energy, emotions and peace of mind.  Sarasvati brings her experience as a yogi and teacher of yogis to help you explore how breathing techniques can help us both in and outside of the yoga classroom. As well as learning about the breath, you may leave the workshop feeling renewed and refreshed too!

Fee of $85 includes a copy of Sarasvati’s book Yoga off the Mat: Freedom in Everyday Life.  Bookings required.

Call 9833 4050 or email  for further information.


Teaching Yoga to Children

Saturday 13th August, 2022 10am – 4pm

Teaching Yoga for Pregnancy Workshop

Saturday 17th September, 2022 10am – 4.00pm

Teaching Mums and Bubs

Saturday 1st October, 2022 10am – 4pm

Teaching Advanced Postures – Preparation for Advanced Postures

Saturday 12th November, 2022 10am – 4pm

If you are interested in learning how to teach Yoga or Meditation, head on over to Australian College of Classical Yoga, or contact Danni for more information.