Yoga Workshops and Courses

UPCOMING Workshops for 2018:

Yin Yoga

Date to be announced Immerse yourself into a deep and restorative practice that opens the body, releases long held tensions and stresses as well as heals and nourishes mind and spirit. You will be guided with meditation and breath work as well as mindfulness practices that complement the postures. You are sure to come away feeling rejuvenated. This workshop will help you to find yourself  again, release tension, and/or increase vitality. It is also perfect if you wish to increase your flexibility, or need a more grounded practice to compliment your more active Yoga. It is suitable for beginners to the more seasoned Yogi.

Facilitator:  Fee: $55. Bookings essential

Supported Restorative Yoga


Relaxed Yogi!

Sunday 19 August, 2pm – 4pm

A workshop of blissful supportive Yoga where you are put into a deeply relaxing series of poses. In each pose you are fully supported with props (blankets, bolsters cushions etc) so that you can completely settle in and let go. This is a deeply releasing and healing experience. It is a perfect counter to more dynamic Yoga and is our best workshop for deep meditative restoring and healing. Suitable for anyone who wants some down time to count daily busyness.

Facilitator: Sarasvati Fee: $35. Bookings ESSENTIAL due to the number of props required.  Book now!

Healesville Weekend Meditation Retreat 

3.00 pm Friday to 3.00 pm Sunday
24 – 26 August, 2018

Aiming for a mix of meditators -from teachers from any backgrounds and points of view, trainee teachers, some who might aspire to become meditation teachers – amd those who just want a meditation weekend in a lovely peaceful setting What will happen every day is lots of meditation in various ways.  We will eat well together, and enjoy the lightness of mind and heart that comes with meditation.   And we will expand our understanding of each other, and our contacts in the profession.
Fee $385, concession: $360  Early bird at concession price to June 30
For more information read about the Retreat here 

The convenor, Swami Shantananda, is a member of the Australian Meditation Teachers Association and a life member of Yoga Australia.

Call 9878 8302 or email  for further information


A great range of workshops will be coming in 2017 for teachers and teacher trainees!

If you are interested in learning how to teach Yoga or Meditation, head on over to Australian College of Classical Yoga, or contact Danni for more information.