How much does this class cost? I like the sound of the workshop, but how much will it cost me? Find the fees for most of our classes below.

Class Passes

  • $25 – Casual Class
  • $170 – First time 10 class pass
  • $165 – Repeat 10 class pass
  • $160 – 1 month unlimited class pass
  • $395 – 3 month unlimited class pass
  • $700 – 6 month unlimited class pass
  • $1090 – 12 month unlimited class pass

All classes are included in the above with the exception of specialty classes, such as workshops and courses. Includes online and in-studio classes.

Specialty Classes and Courses

Supported Restorative Yoga

Supported Restorative Yoga – a 2-hour workshop-style class that involves only 5 poses – a forward bend, a backbend, a twist, an inversion, and Shavasana. Each is held for 10-20 minutes while the body is supported by bolsters, blocks, cushions, and blankets to allow you to simply rest in the pose.

  • $35 or 2 class passes. Booking and prior payment are essential, as due to the equipment and space required, the much-demanded places are limited.

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Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is, well, yoga sitting in a chair. 🙂 There are many and varied reasons to do chair yoga: age, injuries, stress and anxiety, or simply to take things at a softer pace. Suitable for wheelchairs with some modification. Please contact us so we can work more closely with your needs if you have serious health or movement limitations.

  • $108 for a 9-week course via zoom.

Sunday Meditation

Meditation – join Sarasvati on a Sunday morning for 1 hour of meditation. Some chat, some mindfulness, some still-mind meditation.

  • Free! Currently online only. Email us for an invite.

Beautiful Breath

A workshop all about the breath – how to recognise breathing patterns that extend a stress response and shift to a breathing pattern that allows the body to relax and shift away from the stressed state. Learn how we use the breath in a yoga practice, a mindfulness practice, or in general ways to promote relaxation, healing, and sleep.

  • $85. Includes a copy of Sarasvati’s book Yoga On and Off the Mat

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Teacher Training Workshops

A range of workshops aimed at teachers, teachers in training, or anyone who wants to develop their skills and knowledge base in a particular area of Yoga.

  • Workshops generally run on weekends from 10 am – 4 pm, although some may differ.
  • CPD points apply.
  • $165 unless otherwise stated.

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