Learn to Meditate Classes

Next Learn Meditation & Mindfulness course starts on Wednesday 9 March 2022 at 7.00 pm – 8.00 pm. The course runs for 6 consecutive weeks and will be conducted via Zoom only.

Learn to meditate

You’re stressed. Someone told you meditation would help. You did a Google search. You found a lot of fluff and thought it sounded a bit weird. You found some apps, but they didn’t really seem to help much. You even found the guy who said don’t meditate, lift weights (or rollerskate, or whatever) because it’s much more Zen. Now you just want someone who can tell you really simply how to learn to meditate to deal with your stress without some epilepsy-inducing psychedelic youtube video. We can help with that.

What is meditation?

Meditation is stillness of mind. Keeping the mind still for regular periods gradually brings about a fundamental change. By practicing stillness, eventually, a curious thing happens – you begin to see the mind as an object, instead of seeing it as yourself. You see the things it does, and you realise that the awareness feels more like your real self than your thoughts and feelings. That awareness is deeper and richer and more stable and offers a much more contented experience of life even when you are not meditating.

Why would I want to meditate?

Stress usually comes from two things: feeling out of control, and life not going the way we want it to. Meditation helps us to see what the mind is doing when we are otherwise too busy to notice. We can see where we want things to be different but can actually be okay with how they are (reality). We can see where we are trying to get control of our environment and the people in it instead of working with what’s in front of us (reality). Usually, people who meditate become more pleasant and more cooperative. That is because they give up the personality games that they might have played when they were trying to be this sort of person or that sort of person. Usually, people who meditate become a lot easier within themselves because they aren’t trying to fight reality.

I tried it before, it didn’t work.

Yup. Us too. Our minds are busy, and it takes some practice to slow it down enough to even notice the thoughts, much less find stillness. There are many tools out there that teach you to slow your mind down. We look at some of them in this course too. But tools are just that – tools. Learning to hammer isn’t the same as learning to build a house, so to speak. There comes a time to put the tools down. Many of the meditation apps and classes in the marketplace simply teach the tools, with no indication of what to do with them, why you use them, and when to put them down. After that, its simply a matter of practice.

Why is this course different?

Mataji has been meditating for over 40 years and has been teaching meditation for over 20. She has developed this course to be simple without losing the depth of a more advanced practitioner. There is no philosophy, doctrine, or religion – only methods to quiet the mind and become aware of it objectively, to be of still-mind, or at least, disentanglement from thinking.

This is a 6-week course, and classes are for 1 hour. The next class starts on Wednesday 9 March at 7.00 pm and costs $250 (Concession: $220). Book in or call and chat to us for more information.

Note this course is via Zoom only