May I say how much I have appreciated your guidance and patience since joining Waverley Yoga. The weekly sessions have become very much an anticipated space to “Be” …and to step back from the stress and hassles of daily life.



 ‘Waverley Yoga Studio is a harmonious space with a “special” feel about it. Here people of all ages and abilities are nurtured to practice yoga at their own level and to improve their skills at their own pace. Sally and all her teachers are inspiring and I personally have travelled a wonderful road at Waverley Yoga Studio since I started in 2003. I look forward to all my visits and practices.’

 Shirley Haala


‘I started yoga at Waverley Yoga Studio over 8 years ago (in 2003) and have attended Sally’s classes regularly during that time. Sally has taught me the physical and mental benefits of yoga, both of which my body and mind feel the absence of if I miss a week. Sally is teacher, mentor and friend. Namaste!’

Andrea Diprose

 ‘After 5 ½ years of attending Waverley Yoga Studio, I have greatly improved my strength and focus. I always feel better after attending and my husband also encourages me to go along as he says I am much happier after a yoga class.’


Robyn Goode


‘Waverley Yoga Studio provides a welcoming & relaxed atmosphere.  Sally’s classes include different elements each week & offer various levels of challenge to accommodate a range of abilities so there is never the possibility of becoming bored or feeling that you have been pushed too far. I always come away from yoga feeling refreshed, invigorated & with an overall sense of wellbeing. And to cap off a rewarding session of yoga, Sally usually provides a delicious homemade brew of Chai & environment for an informal chat between students. I highly recommend Waverley Yoga Studies as an ideal place to learn and practice the benefits of yoga.  Well done Sally! Namaste’



When I started Yoga & Meditation at Waverley Yoga Studio, years ago, little did I know how at home I would feel. I found people that I opened my heart to, I laughed and cried and after years of practice I have found myself at a different spiritual and physical level, that gives me confidence and makes me believe in this beautiful journey that we are all experiencing, called LIFE. The whole atmosphere is very calm, pleasant and the teachers put a lot of passion into every practice. I am very grateful and if anybody is looking for a great oasis where to spend quality time, I recommend this place with all my heart.


Carmen Enach

Sally’s Yoga classes are relaxing, refreshing and invigorating. Sally encourages people to work at their own level, so that in one class some students may be working at a basic level while others work at a more advanced one.


The emphasis is on both the physical and spiritual. To me, this means fewer visits to the physio with my back and increased awareness, confidence and enjoyment of life through meditation.


Other teachers at the studio, such as Liliana, have been equally competent and engaging, while bringing their own special emphasis to the class.


‘I’ve been attending Waverley Yoga now for approximately 9 years, although it doesn’t feel that long. What yoga has taught me is to be in the moment, that everything is ok regardless of what is really happening, and that when the day to day things in life sometimes go off track, yoga brings you back to just being. Also, I find that it is much easier to deal with things in general life, rather than go off on a rant or have an opinion about what someone else has done…. it is what it is and to be ok with it.   I guess on a whole I have more compassion than I had prior to yoga life.  The Asana practice also is very rewarding, in mind and body…. I love that you do your practice, not noticing anyone else, it’s about you with no judgement at all. And as I’ve been doing this for a few years now, the practical side is like a meditation to me…. I go into a world of my own ….. I highly recommend yoga to anyone that is looking for some balance and peace within themselves, or is just looking for something that makes you feel generally good!


Sally, I truly mean what I say…. Yoga has changed my life, I couldn’t imagine life without it….. and I just love your classes…. and other teachers you have are wonderful also.