Yoga in the Workplace

yoga_web_4Have you thought about bringing the benefits of yoga to your workplace?

Waverley yoga comes to your workplace, offering yoga, relaxation and meditation classes to suit your needs, whether it is a one-off session to break up a conference, or a regular ongoing class.

Participants gain benefits of being less stressed, more focused and healthier, which means that they are more able to cope with the demands of the job and work meaningfully. Offering yoga is a proactive way for an employer to contribute to staff welfare.

Contact Danni to discuss your needs for yoga specific to your workplace.



Comments from corporate yoga classes

‘A BIG, BIG thank you for leading us in a wonderful class. For those who had never enjoyed yoga before your class was a beautiful introduction and first impression. All of us were thrilled with the experience and keen to participate in further classes.’ Kathryn, HR

‘Good to relax when stressed with work’ Rikki, Accountant

‘Really enjoy it, it breaks up the week and helps to relieve back pressure from sitting at a desk all day’ Evette, Accountant

‘A great way to exercise the body and mind, I particularly like the relaxed feeling at the end’ Kara, Insurance officer

‘After the class I definitely experience a heightened sense of mental engagement, physical awareness and energy in approaching my work tasks’ Darren, Manager

‘The classes are awesome. I particularly like the abdominal work’ Amy, Investment Services Officer

‘Mind freeing’ Adam, Investment Analyst

‘I love it’ Karen, PA